Navi Jador

Full-stack software Developer born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand


Work great in a team due to 4 years experience in an Agile environment across various projects and team sizes.
Developed effective written and verbal communication skills both internally with team mates and externally with clients through full-stack development.
Strong sense of autonomy and independence when required. Able to self-allocate tasks and request assistance when required to avoid wasting time.

I've always been a bit of a tech nerd. Loved computers from a young age, always being the kid that teachers and family would go to for help. Naturally, this progressed into a love for video games and creation, so I decided to pursue this at University and learned how to code. During this, I got an internship at Sandfield where I learned the fundamentals of working in a practical environment on real-world projects and full-stack development.

Graduated from University of Auckland in 2017 with my conjoint degree with a Bachelor of Science (Major in Computer Science) and a Bachelor of Commerce (Major in Information Systems). Then went on from being an intern to full-time solutions developer.

In my personal time, I currently love playing games, movies, TV shows, music, and traveling around with my drone!


YouTube Windowed FullScreen

A chrome extension I developed back in 2016. Initially, I made it for personal use to make the most of my dual monitor setup but now has above 12,000 weekly users and an average rating of 4.6/5 with 158 votes (These figures are fetched dynamically using this npmjs module I created).

This extension adds an icon to the default YouTube player that toggles a full-screen mode which fills only your browser window. This can be useful for multi-screen setups where users may still want to pay attention to other chrome tabs.

Available Here

Chrome Web Store Chrome Web Store
Mozilla Add-on Mozilla Add-on Mozilla Add-on

Movie Night Bot for Discord

A discord chat bot used in servers to maintain lists of movies to watch with your friends. It keeps a list of movies you've watched with friends, and lets you and your friends in your server vote for upcoming movies using polls!

Allows users to search for and add movies using titles, or IMDB links. It also provides details on any movies that the user searches for, along with a whole array of settings.

This was my first ever Node.JS project where I used a library called Discord.js to interface with the Discord Bot API, and used MongoDB for storage purposes. These applications are then hosted on an EC2 instance for uptime.

Current Server Count: Movie Night Bot

Project Website available here.

Solution Developer at Sandfield

Started as an intern for two years while I completed University. After this, I went full-time and worked on various projects throughout this time.

Full-stack development that mainly focused on web development (Both front end and back end) with SPA style webpages that are database driven.

Also worked on some fun projects such as one involving Microsoft's Cognitive services to produce a facial recognition app for an expo, surveillance motion detection, mobile app development, reskinning existing products, as well as creating a fair few frameworks and libraries for internal use.

Flexible stacks used depending on clients needs but generally C#/VB (.NET) along with T-SQL as the Back-end and HTML/(S)CSS/JS used on the front end with internal templating libraries to create SPA websites

This Website!

This page was crafted by me during some time off from work. Even the background image is from a drone shot of mine!

I used a mix of libraries and custom code using jQuery, Bootstrap and SCSS to create a simplistic web page to showcase myself.

I've also implemented a small node.js server which scrapes and fetches the latest number of installs, rating, and number of votes given a chrome extension ID for the section above. I then created a npmjs module for the functionality, and implemented it in my own API:


League of Legends Timer App

A super basic (and embarrassingly ugly) Universal Windows Platform app I created for the Microsoft Student Accelerator program using Visual Studio and its UWP tools (C# design)

The app is no longer available on the store, which is probably a good thing since it was one of my first endeavours but did have 500 downloads.

From a dark time when I didn't understand even margins and element placement.